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Mortgage Calculator, Interest Rates & Loan Program Information to Help You Compare Mortgage Quotes when Buying a Home or Mortgage Refinancing.

Mortgages got you confused? provides the most comprehensive collection of mortgage calculators, tools and mortgage information to help you understand, compare and select the best mortgage loan for your home buying or mortgage refinance needs.

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Mortgage Calculators ///

Mortgage Calculators
- Below is a partial list of our mortgage calculators and the loan calculations they perform or view the compreshensive list of our mortgage calculators.

Refinance Calculator Refinance Calculator - Mortgage refinance calculator answers common mortgage question: "Should I refinance my mortgage". Compare three refinance mortgages side by side and view monthly payment savings, closing costs, mortgage break-even calculation, monthly savings and lifetime cost.

Mortgage Calculator FHA Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the FHA mortgage payment with taxes and insurance with our FHA calculator. Calculator provides the annual and monthly FHA mortgage insurance premimum (FHA MIP) and minimum down payment required for a FHA loan.

Mortgage Calculator VA Loan Calculator - Are you eligible for a VA loan? Use this VA mortgage calculator to calculate the PITI payment and VA funding fee of a no money down VA loan.

Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator - Mortgage calculator calculates the monthly payment difference of mortgage interest rates up / down .5% from selected mortgage rate for all types of mortgages, including interest-only, 15 yr, 20 yr, 25 yr, 30 yr, 40yr and 50 yr loans.

Mortgage Calculator Maximum Mortgage Prequalification Calculator - Know the asking price of a home you wish to buy? Mortgage calculator determines your maximum qualification of mortgage amounts of up to three different mortgage loans simultaneously Mortgage calculator results include estimated property taxes, insurance, PMI, down payment, income to debt ratios, and the total cash to close to transaction.

Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator with Taxes and Insurance - Calculate your monthly mortgage payment with taxes and insurance with this mortgage calculator. Taxes and insurance calculations are set to average national rates but the mortgage calculator allows you to adjust amounts to your area.

Mortgage Calculator Amortization Schedule Calculator - Calculator creates loan amortization schedule for 10, 15 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 year home mortgage loans.

Mortgage Calculator FHA Down Payment Calculator - Thinking of buying a home using a FHA loan with it's low down payment of 3.5%? The FHA down payment calculator provides your minimum down payment along with the FHA loan amount with the FHA MIP financed.

Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Payment Calculator (PITI) - Mortgage loan piti calculator calculates three different p.i.t.i mortgage payments simultaneously including principal, interest, property taxes, insurance and PMI, if applicable.

Mortgage Calculator Loan Qualifying Calculator - Loan calculator calculates the maximum home sales price and mortgage amount you can afford based on your monthly income and liabilites. Calculator displays four different mortgage qualifying results for an interest-only loan, 30 yr fixed, 20 yr fixed and 15 yr mortgages.

Mortgage Calculator Home Buying Household Budget Calculator - Calculate your household budget when buying a home. Calulator determines how much of your "net" pay will remain after paying your current monthly expenses and new mortgage payment. 

Mortgage Calculator Real Estate Equity Growth Calculator - Calculate the real estate appreciation and equity growth from month to month until you pay-off your mortgage. View your total cost and return on your real estate investment.

Mortgage Calculator Debt to Income Ratio Calculator - Calculate your front-end and back-end debt to income ratios with our DTI calculator. Learn how to calculate your DTI ratio.

Mortgage Calculator Piggyback Loan Comparison Mortgage Calculator - Mortgage calculator compares possible savings of a "piggyback loans", i.e. 80/20, 80/15, 80/10, etc vs. a single mortgage loan with PMI (private mortgage insurance).

Mortgage Calculator Mortgage APR Calculator - Calculate the APR / Annual Percentage Rate of a mortgage using the APR calculator. Each APR calculation provides a personalized APR explaination and full amortization schedule for each mortgage.

Mortgage Calculator Loan Amortization Comparison Calculator - Side by side monthly payment comparison of four different loan amortization terms with this mortgage calculator.

Mortgage Calculator Down Payment Calculator - Calculate a down payment amount as either a percentage (%) or dollar amount ($).

Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Comparison Calculator - Compare Mortgage rates simultaneously. Calculate four different home mortgage loans with different mortgage rates, loan terms and mortgage amounts. Mortgage comparison calculator allows you to easily compare mortgage rates and effect on mortgage payments.

Mortgage Calculator PMI / Private Mortgage Insurance Calculator - Estimate monthly private mortgage insurance (PMI) premium based on your mortgage loan amount.

Mortgage Calculator Pay Option ARM / Pick a Payment Loan Calculator - Calculate the three monthly payment options for a "Pay-Option / Pick a Payment" ARM mortgage. Mortgage calculator calculates the minimum mortgage payment, interest-only option, and the fully amortized payment. Calculator also estimates the mortgage recast period and potential negative amortization. 

Mortgage Calculator Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the adjustable rate mortgage payments with future interest rate and payment adjustments of the mortgage with this adjustable rate mortgage calculator.

Mortgage Calculator Interest Only Mortgage Calculator - Calculate interest-only mortgage payments with this home loan calculator.

Mortgage Calculator 2 / 28 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator - Mortgage payment calculator for a 2 year adjustable rate mortgage. View the potential increases in the mortgage interest rate and monthly mortgage payments at adjustments.

Mortgage Calculator 3 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Calculator - View maximum interest rate and monthly mortgage payment adjustments after the inital 3 year fixed period of of 3 / 27, 3/1 adjustable rate mortgage calculator.

Mortgage Calculator 5 Year Fixed ARM Mortgage Calculator - Monthly mortgage payment calculator for a 5/25, 5/1, 5 year adjustable rate mortgage. Calculator displays initial 5 year fixed rate mortgage rates and payments and following maximum mortgage rate and payment adjustments for the 5 year loan.

Mortgage Calculator 7 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the intial monthly 7 years of mortgage payments and following maximum rate and payment adjustments for a 7/23 ARM loan.

Mortgage Calculator 15 year Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the monthly mortgage payments for a 15 year mortgage with this loan calculator.

Mortgage Calculator 30 year Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the monthly mortgage payments for a 30 year mortgage with this calculator.

Mortgage Calculator 40 year Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the monthly mortgage payments for a 40 year mortgage with this home loan calculator.

Mortgage Calculator Simple Mortgage Calculator - Calculate simple interest mortgage or fully amortized mortgages with our mortgage payment calculator with taxes and insurance.

Mortgage Calculator FHA Mortgage Insurance Calculator - Learn about and calculate the upfront FHA mortgage insurance premium MI(FHA MIP) and the FHA monthly mortgage insurance cost and MI removal of FHA loans.

Mortgage Calculator Home Loan Calculator - Calculate home loan payments for both purchase loans and home loan refinances. Mortgage loan calculator includes taxes and insurance in the monthly payment calculations as well as income needed to qualify.

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Mortgage Rates ///
Learn important details about mortgage rates and how they are affected.

View today's mortgage rates in your area.

Refinance Rates for Today

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Avg. Conventional Mortgage Rates / Fee's e interest rates and fee's for loans under $417k 

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Mortgage Widgets & Gadgets ///

Personalize your iGoogle page, Facebook, website or blog with our free embeddable mortgage calculators. 

We have created some of our mortgage calculators as free Google Gadgets, Facebook Apps and Widgets that you can easily cut and paste to add to your web pages.

Mortgage Programs ///
Information on various types of mortgage loan programs. Select the mortgage program type.

Mortgage News ///

HUD has lowered FHA mortgage insurance on FHA loans by a half a percent.

Mortgage Qualifying ///

Learn about qualifying for mortgages such as and what information is used to determing how much of a mortgage loan you qualify for as well as what mortgage rate you will receive. 

  • Income to Debt Ratio's
  • Your credit report and credit scores
  • Down Payments
  • Savings Requirements
  • Property Appraisals 

Mortgage Rate Quote Comparison ///
Mortgage quotes are available all over the internet but how do you know you are truly getting the best mortgage quote available?

Use our mortgage rate quote comparision tool

Our mortgage quote comparison tool will help you determine if you are getting the best mortgage possible and learn how to spot the "tricks" that some mortgage lenders use when providing mortgage rates.

Mortgage Question & Answers ///
Send us your mortgage question and see it answered here.

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